John Connolly, PMP has been managing projects since early 2014. He spent 16 years working in the library field before pivoting his career into the software industry. A talented writer and communicator, he reaches thousands of readers worldwide through his contributions to blogs, podcasts, and on social media. He gained his Project Management Professional Certification in 2022 and holds a Master of Library & Information Studies degree from the University of Alabama.

John Connolly, PMP

John provides one-on-one and small group advice sessions geared toward helping new and aspiring project managers learn about project management disciplines. He helps clients explore opportunities and options to help focus their goals and find a path that fits for them.

He blends a logical, strategic approach to projects with empathetic leadership for teams. He has managed small and large project teams, drawing on his outstanding organizational abilities and the thoughtful application of soft skills.

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Salientian is a term referring to the clade including frogs and toads — creatures known for their diversity, patience, and wisdom. The word comes from the Latin word “salire,” meaning “to jump.” Salient points are ones that “jump out” at us.

Here at Salientian, we provide new, thought-provoking ideas and salient points for thoughtful improvement. From engagement with project management professionals through newsletters, blog posts, books, video and audio appearances, we drive innovation in the project management field.

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