Managing projects for over a decade.
Experienced training with a track record of success.

Our Mission

Salientian was founded on a deep commitment to sharing, expanding, and communicating knowledge and experience in the project management community. We value collaborative interactions that will grow project leaders in the application of practical tools and concepts to their projects. We are committed to assisting project leaders as they take the next steps on their career path.
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What is Salientian?

"Salientian" refers to the clade including frogs and toads - creatures known for their diversity, patience, and wisdom. The word comes from the Latin word “salire,” meaning “to jump.” Salient points are ones that “jump out” at us.

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Experienced Project Leadership

John Connolly, MLIS, PMP® has over a decade of experience managing projects in software, information management, and more. An experienced instructor and mentor, he has guided hundreds of project managers as they prepare for their PMP® certification exam.

Drawing on his experience in managing projects to illustrate project management principles and practices, he brings an energetic, lively approach to teaching project management.

John is the Founder and Principal at Salientian, a project management training and consulting firm. He is also the Editor-In-Chief for Community Milestone Press, a publisher focusing on project management titles.
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Frequently asked questions

How do I pass the PMP® exam?

The PMP® exam is challenging, and it will take focus and dedication to adequately prepare to pass. You should give yourself enough time to study and get yourself in the proper mindset to interpret the scenarios and questions you will encounter on exam day.

Find a PMP® Exam Prep Course that will prepare you for success with interactive resources, study guides, and an opportunity to ask questions. If you gather the tools you need and put in the work, you'll be in good position to succeed on the exam.

Can I qualify for the exam by studying on my own?

Unfortunately, no. The PMP® Exam Content Outline stipulates that the 35 hours of educational contact may not be done through individual study. Asynchronous courses do not qualify unless there is a learning assessment administered at the end of the course. Live online or in person courses on project management will meet the exam application requirement.

Does your PMP® Exam Prep course satisfy the exam requirements?

Yes! All applicants to the PMP® exam must meet the eligibility requirements and gain 35 hours of project management educational contact before applying. Attending our PMP® Exam Prep course will satisfy this requirement.

What will I learn in your PMP® Exam Prep Course?

The PMP® Exam Prep Course covers the content outlined in the PMP® Exam Content Outline. There are many concepts and tools covered in the course that may be helpful to apply in your project work. We are always excited when students find good tools that serve them well outside the exam room.

We periodically offer an introductory project management course. Visit our courses page to see all our upcoming offerings.

Do you teach in-house or group courses?

Yes! If your organization is interested in hosting a group training, please contact us to discuss details.

Do you teach other topics?

There are a variety of project management topics we cover and events that we host. All public courses are listed on our courses page, but if you are interested in other topics, please contact us to make a suggestion. We are always happy to hear new ideas!

I still have questions. How can I learn more?

We are always happy to connect and clarify things for you! Please contact us with additional questions and we will provide answers.
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